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Recycling Polystyrene Packaging Products – Do Your Bit Today!

Everyone loves the convenience of pre-packaged foods. You can store your meals and treats for longer, and in some instances, even reuse the packaging for your own use. Meals are easier to transport home from takeaway stores and life is just a great deal simpler without having to think of alternative packaging options for yourself. The benefits of polystyrene as a packaging product, especially in the food industry, do not go unnoticed. It is noted that fresh produce can last up to 10 days when packaging in this particular plastic. Those who are sceptical about making use of this packaging type, must consider that recycling polystyrene is an effective process that helps to reduce waste and pollution.

At the Polystyrene Packaging Council (PSPC), we are tasked with setting up a variety of recycling programmes for polystyrene across the country. We do this with confidence, as this plastic can be reprocessed and then moulded into a new packaging product. There are various paperboard packaging products on the market that consumers are under the impression are recycled after use, but this is incorrect. Paperboard products that have been printed are coated in printing materials that are impossible to separate from the cardboard itself. This renders these packaging products unrecyclable.

Unfortunately, many people and corporate companies remain unaware of how much polystyrene they are dumping each year, and are even less aware of just how simple the recycling of this product would be for them, with our assistance. We encourage all consumers to take the time to separate their polystyrene products from others, when organising their trash. These products can be dropped off at any of the depots that we have set up around South Africa.

When doing your part in the recycling process, you will be helping many manufacturers to use less raw materials and natural resources. You will also be promoting less littering and ensuring that our landfill sites are not filled up with materials that will not naturally biodegrade. The uses for polystyrene are so many and our communities can really benefit from it, if it is handled correctly and responsibly.

If you are interested in getting more involved in the process of recycling polystyrene in your home, business, school or community, then we welcome you to make contact with us, at Polystyrene Packaging Council. We will ensure that you are provided with access to all of the information and advice that you require to achieve recycling success!

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