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Polystyrene Manufacturers

Polystyrene Manufacturers South Africa Use The Recycled Material For Other Products

South African polystyrene manufacturers create a wide range of consumer products used daily including packaging materials to prevent spoilage of foods and beverages. Polystyrene is hygienic and thus well suited for the packaging of foods. By using the versatile material food producers are able to keep foods fresh for longer and thus minimize the wastage related to food spoilage.

Polystyrene manufacturers not only contribute to food preservation by providing cost-effective packaging material which is also well-suited for keeping refrigerated products fresh, but also create a range of resins used in injection moulds for the manufacturing of appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators.

The material is furthermore widely used for the housing of computer related equipment and electronics such as televisions. Polystyrene manufacturers in South Africa fill a demand for casings to protect DVDs and related products.

Construction Industry

The building and construction industry uses products made by polystyrene manufacturers in South Africa for insulation. Panels, shower units, plumbing products and lights have some form of polystyrene resin usage.

Medical Applications

Because polystyrene is such a hygienic product it is possible to create products used in medical applications such as test kit housing and packaging of test tubes.

Toys and Garden Products

Polystyrene is used in the making of products such as bath accessories, garden equipment and even toys. The resins are in many cases more cost effective as materials for the manufacturing of such products than polymers.

Role of Polystyrene Manufacturers Regarding Recycling in South Africa

Polystyrene is a plastic and expanded polystyrene known as EPS can be recycled. The manufacturers in South Africa welcome recycling. Not only does recycling reduce the carbon footprint left, but also ensures better pricing of products at the end of the day. Polystyrene is made from petroleum products and as such recycling reduces the pressure or on non-renewable resources.

The benefits of using polystyrene rather than other plastics is the cost-effectiveness of the material and the fact that less energy is used to create an EPS product when compared to the making of a coated paper product.

The PSPC is at the forefront of initiatives to promote recycling of EPS and usage of recycled material by polystyrene manufacturers. The manufacturers use the recycled materials by reprocessing the materials for usage as new packaging products.

Unfortunately not many people realise that the material can be recycled and thus don’t always include such in recycle bins. One should remember that the material falls under the category of plastics and should thus be recycled along with other plastic related products.

There are numerous benefits for society as a whole for using recycled materials in the manufacturing of other products including that of reducing pollution, energy savings and reducing the need for landfill space. Recycling also creates more jobs and thus helps to reduce unemployment.

Information regarding recycling of polystyrene, recovering and usage thereof by polystyrene manufacturers in South Africa can be obtained from the Polystyrene Council. Contact us for more information.

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